The website was launched in May 2007 by Paul N. Dion, who has had misophonia for over 40 years. His background has been in occupational therapy and social work.

Paul owns and operates Innovative Incentives, Inc., a successful corporate incentive travel company. He has been an owner/operator of retail travel agencies, travel accessory shops, and two fine art galleries in the past.

As a misophonia advocate, Paul has initiated and supported many misophonia awareness projects. In 2016, he was an executive producer of Quiet Please…(a documentary on misophonia by Jeffrey Scott Gould/Action Media Productions).

Current projects include this website, several Facebook support groups, and a misophonia social site.

Different media organizations have interviewed Paul over the years, including NPN Media, VICE Media, and WTOP Washington, D.C. He has advised researchers, Ph.D. candidates, and therapists. Paul helps these people connect with research subjects and outreach project objectives. Paul creates and maintains the content of this website. All rights reserved.

Paul Dion, misophonia advocate