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The misophonia support group on Facebook is the internet’s largest and most active online source of support to people with misophonia. Join over 26,500 people from all over the world for peer-to-peer quality support.

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This Facebook group provides support to friends, spouses, partners, family, co-workers, and all others in any kind of relationship with a person who has misophonia.

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Welcome to Misophonia Online, a website that answers the question “What is misophonia”?


Does hearing someone chew with their mouth open cause you to become angry? What about gum chewing, eating noises, or repetitive tapping and crinkling? Do you have a strong negative reaction to some sounds that goes beyond mere annoyance?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you might be experiencing misophonia.
When you experience a misophonia trigger sound, does it seem like other people don’t even notice the noises that strongly affect you?

If so, you’re not alone! Many people also have problems with specific sounds, and this condition has a name. It’s called misophonia.

Misophonia is not caused by an actual hearing problem. The latest research suggests it is a kind of sensory processing issue. Misophonia elicits immediate negative physiological responses to certain sounds (that vary from person to person). These are sounds that most people don’t even seem to notice.

This sound sensitivity can have adverse effects on a person’s life. It causes problems with everyday activities and interpersonal relationships. And, social isolation can result from trying to avoid triggering people and events.

Sounds are the most common source of misophonia triggers, but visual triggers also exist. Misokinesia is a name now being used to describe having visual triggers.

This website provides information, coping mechanisms, and tips to help manage symptoms. The question “What is Misophonia?” has many different answers. That’s because each person has their own trigger set. Reactions and sensitivity levels also vary quite a bit.

Welcome to an introduction to misophonia and a resource for information on this sound sensitivity. This website is the place to get answers to your questions about misophonia.

Letter to Friends & Family

Here is a letter to give to Friends, Family, Co-workers, and others introducing and explaining the basic facts on misophonia. Feel free to customize this letter as needed.

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Misophonia Support Group

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